Talon Tractor - Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Daily50 Hours250 Hours500 Hours1000 HoursLong Term Storage

In order to keep your tractor in excellent condition, prolong its service life and reduce troubles, you should often check the mechanical condition of your tractor and should carry out the recommended maintenance.

It is strongly recommended in the "Assembly" instructions for crated tractors, that you replace all the fluids that were shipped with your tractor. At Atlantic Imports we provide and recommend the use of Petro-Canada lubricants.

Petro-Canada provides a complete line of premium products to suit engine, transmission and hydraulic lubrication requirements. Click on the images provided below to learn more about Petro-Canada and the quality products they have to offer. (Note: This will open a new browser window.)

Petro-Canada HomeDuron 15W-40Traxon 80W-90Duratran AW32
Petro-Canada HomeEngine oilsTransmission FluidHydraulic Fluid

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