Model DF254G2 Specifications:
Model DF254G2 Brochure
DF254G2 Tractor
  • 25 HP "EPA Approved" Engine
  • Synchronized Shuttle Shift
  • Power Steering
  • Selectable 2 or 4WD

  • Features:
    Leather Steering Wheel
    Heavy Duty Easy Step
    Standard Mechanical Gauges
    8 Forward Speeds
    8 Reverse Speeds
    Locking Differential
    2 Stage Clutch
    Hydraulic Remote Ports
    2 Speed PTO 540/1000

    Engine Type:                   (3L525B) ZN390T
    Number of Cylinders:      3 (Upright Inline)
    Cylinders Sleeved:          Yes
    Cylinder Bore:                85x90mm
    Engine Tested:                EPA Approved
    Engine Heated:               Pre Heater
    Engine Oil Suggested:     15W40
    Air Cleaner Type:           Paper Element
    Displacement:                 1.532

    Voltage:                         12V
    Fuses:                            Standard Auto
    Front Lights:                   Halogen

    Main Dimensions:
    Overall Weight:                         3219 Lbs. (Tractor only)
    Weight w/Loader:                     4100 Lbs.
    Overall Length:                         10' 9"
    Overall Height (ROPS top):      7' 8"
    Width Tires Max Spread R:      62"
    Width Tires Min Spread R:       47"
    Minimum Clearance:                 11.8"
    Turning Radius:                         7' 5"
    Wheel Base:                             67"

    Drive Train:
    Clutch:                                      Synchro Shuttle on Dash - 11" Dual stage
    Transmission Type:                   Shuttle
    Transmission Speeds:                (4+4) x 2
    Gear Selection:                         8 with H/L
    Gear Speed - Lowest:              1.28 mph
    Gear Speed - Highest:              23.33 mph
    Power Steering:                        Seperate Pump
    Brake Type:                             Mech. Dry Shoes
    2WD-4WD Selection:              Both
    Main Drive:                              Spiral Bevel Gear
    Differential:                               Bevel Gear
    Differential Lock:                      Jaw Lock
    Final Trans:                              Spur Gear, Ext Gearing

    AG Tires Front:                    6.0 X 12
    AG Tires Rear:                     9.5 X 24
    Tire Options:                        Industrial (Front 8 X 12; Rear 14 X 17.5)

    Rear PTO:
    PTO Speeds:                 540/1000
    Spline:                            Standard 6 spline

    3-Point Hitch:
    Type:                             Position Control
    Category:                       I
    Lift Capacity:                 900

    Hydraulic System:
    Hydraulics:                     Live from Engine; Pump
    Hydraulic Flow:              8.5 gpm
    Hydraulic Remotes:        2
    Hydraulic Oil Source:     Transmission
    Sug. Hydraulic Oil:         AW-46
    Valve:                            4-Way/Joystick - Standard (6 way 4N1 Bucket Optional)

    Seat Belts:                     Standard
    Protection:                     Folding ROPS
    Neutral Safety:               Yes

    Drivetrain & Engine:       1 Year / 200 Hours (Parts Only)

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